WTC Consulting

Who we are.

WTC Consulting is a private, limited company established to provide leadership and operational consultancy services to small and medium higher education organisations.

All profits generated from this consultancy are used to support
WTC Theology:
an interdenominational theological college based in the UK with the vision of delivering theological education integrating the best of scholarship with the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit to transform, heal and release God’s people into his purposes.

 WTC has no access to CDMS client data and will uphold all WTC Consulting privacy policies.

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Building efficient and healthy systems for organisational and educational excellence.

About WTC Consulting

The expertise behind WTC Consulting Ltd. derives from the experience of turning around a small theological college which was not expected to survive, and making it the theological college of choice for church leaders and members from independent churches and church networks, as well as many students from established denominations in the UK.

Transforming people through life-giving theology in the presence and power of the Spirit.

WTC’s success has resulted from a combination of value-led leadership and management, delivering inspirational teaching, and espousing a culture of excellence. Together, these have catalysed the development of highly efficient and effective processes and tools, to keep standards high and overheads low, while operating in all areas of college life in alignment with our values.

WTC Consulting offers the expertise and wisdom, together with tried and tested systems and processes, to support small and medium education organisations in delivering high quality teaching with a very high degree of student and staff satisfaction while maximising efficiency.

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