WTC Consulting


WTC Consulting provides leadership and operational consultancy services to small and medium higher education organisations.

Service #1

Organisational Culture

Are you achieving your goals while creating a healthy organisational culture?
Do you have clear values which guide all areas of college life?
Do your students love their studies and your staff enjoy working with you?

We’ll work with you to help these goals become achievable realities in your college.

Service #2

Efficient Processes

Do your internal processes support a high standard of student experience while keeping overheads low?
How effective are your internal processes in delivering your organisation values and goals?
Do your processes promote staff wellbeing at the same time as much greater efficiency and effectiveness?

We’ll work with you to make progress towards all of these objectives.

Service #3

Effective Student Data Management

The College Data Management System (CDMS) is a single, integrated, secure and cloud based student management system designed to do all the routine administrative tasks involved in running a small/medium higher education college. It supports highly efficient working, saves time and money, supports secure data handling and will free up your staff time to focus on enhancing the student experience. The system was developed in partnership between WTC and PEC, and has been extensively trialled and refined over the past 4 years.

Service #4

Student Experience

Do your faculty and staff have the capacity to engage with applicants to answer their questions?
Do your students feel individually valued, supported and respected?

We’ll work with you to make progress towards all of these objectives.

Building efficient and healthy systems for organisational and educational excellence.

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