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The College Data Management System (CDMS) handles all data needs throughout the student journey – from first point of contact to staying in touch with your alumni, donors and partner organisations.

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Saving Time and Money

Streamlines your processes and significantly cuts both operational costs and the time taken to process and support students.

Customisable Services

Tailored to your processes with a high level of personal support to ensure you get the most out of the system and your resources.

The Complete Student Journey

High quality, individual, personalised support for all students throughout their studies, from initial contact/enquiry to being alumni.

Overview of CDMS

What is the CDMS?

The College Data Management System (CDMS) is a single, integrated, secure and cloud based student management system designed to do all the routine administrative tasks involved in running a small/medium higher education college. It supports highly efficient working, saves time and money, supports secure data handling and will free up your staff time to focus on enhancing the student experience. The system was developed in partnership between WTC and PEC, and has been extensively trialled and refined over the past 4 years.

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The College Data Management System (CDMS) was developed by working with staff to identify repetitive and time-consuming processes and by automating them.

These are some of the benefits you will reap from our data management system:

Key Benefits of CDMS:

  • Developed and tailored for small/medium higher education organisations, so the tool fits the processes and aims you are working towards
  • Enables significant savings in staff time and overheads
  • Supports an enhanced student experience – Significant time savings by using the CDMS frees staff time to engage with students
  • Can use single sign on for staff, students and faculty
  • Minimises data risk and supports GDPR compliance – Data is secure with a permission driven architecture
  • Facilitates joined up communication across teams including decentralised staff members
  • Automates HESA reporting
  • Integrates 3rd party providers into one portal
  • Personalised onboarding and support package

Building efficient and healthy systems for organisational and educational excellence.

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